Dr. Walter English-American Bishop
Walter Bishop
Portrait of Dr. Bishop
Born Walter English Bishop
Fully titled name Dr. Walter English-American Bishop
Residence Boston, Massachusetts
  • Many Worlds Theory of Quantum Mechanics
  • Biochemistry
Connected to
  • New College, Oxford
  • Harvard University
Alma Mater
  • University of Oxford
  • MIT (postgraduate)
Doctoral advisors/students no information
Known for
  • The Lucasian Chair of Mathematics Curse
  • The Incident at New College, Oxford
  • Co-Developer of the Body Suspension Cocoon
  • Dr Bishop vs the United States of America
  • The highest ranked Empiricist to be excommunicated
Notable awards
  • High King's Doctor (denounced)
  • Lucasian Chair of Mathematics (former nominee)
  • Endowed Chair of Biochemistry at Harvard University (denounced)
Religious stance Empiricist (excommunicated)

Walter Bishop’s Personal File is CLASSIFIED at the moment. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Fringe Science Unit apologises for any inconvenience.

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